Many people have encouraged me to put something in writing to explain what I do. I have strongly resisted that in the past because I couldn’t really define it.  However, the people that I’ve been able to help are spreading the word causing more people to call my friends to find out more about me. So I’ll do my best to tell you about myself and what I do.

First of all I want it very clear that I do not represent a religion; I am not a New Ager; I am not out to create a following nor to recruit you for a cause.

Now maybe the best way to tell you about me is to let others do it in their own words.

— ——————–

Roger is a man who shares his profound insight into the consciousness of living the moment of ‘ever presence’.

Arthur Douet
Poet and Artist 1987

He touches the vast sea of knowledge which seems to be the source of all perennial philosophies that lies submerged beneath our egos.

Russ Brehm
Businessman  1987

Roger believes that people should follow their hearts. This is one of the hardest things in the world to do and goes against the grain of most things we have been conditioned to do. Roger helped me see that I was a heart person when I doubted it, and sooner or later I found it again. He can speak directly and truly and isn’t willing to beat around the bush, but comes straight to the point. He’s a most unusual person and I look forward to sharing some Journeys with him. I support him without question in what he does.

Mark Elliot
Film Producer 1987

Roger is a breath of fresh air.  He is simple, practical, funny, kind and most ordinary. He is what Judaism calls an ‘unhewn stone,’ a stone untouched by the vision of an artist outside, but totally at one with its own potential inside. It is the unhewn stone that is used to build the alter upon which all ‘isms’ must be sacrificed if we want to meet the Is.

Rabbi Rami Shapiro —
Miami, Florida  1986

Roger, you are a dedicated seeker of Truth who is not aligned with any of the spiritual traditions of the World Religions. Like the Magi in the Gospel, who represent genuine seekers of the Truth for our time. They are not identified with any religion but simply followed their intuition and the star, which symbolizes the natural unfolding of events.

Father Thomas Keating OCSO
Trappist  Monk and Priest

Snowmass, CO  1987

Roger uses his energy ‘to remove energy blocks’ from others so that they may heal themselves.  A real soul-tuner…

Swami Buddhananda 1987

Roger you are a healer. You can be a great healer. One day you will have so many people coming to you for help that you will not have time to feel sorry for yourself.

Rolling Thunder 1987

Roger has done individual counseling and healing for many years. All the individuals with whom I have discussed his work have felt greatly appreciative of his insight, kindness and obvious skills. This has motivated me to refer patients for consultations. He is able to gain quick insight into an individual’s situation; medically, psychologically and spiritually, and he conveys this insight in a most helpful manner.

Antonio J. Wood,  MD

Roger La Borde is a 44 year old white male who has become rather widely known in the Southwest as a healer. He has had this gift since childhood. Although he has no formal medical training, he has come to recognize that he works an energy flow within the chakra system. He is able to sense the deficiency or excess of chi energy and to relate his findings to various disease processes and psychological fixations or limitations in belief systems of his subjects. He combines a process of holding his hands over various areas of the body and explaining his findings to the subject. He often explores key issues concerning the blockage or excess chi in each of the seven chakra centers within the subject. He states that he can remove blockages to energy flow and thus create an enhanced ability in the subjects to heal themselves. He feels that most of his subjects revert back to previous blocked patterns because of their inability to maintain altered belief systems and to change harmful environmental influences or personal habits. There are numerous reports of remarkable changes in the health and well-being of persons he has worked on.’ …. ‘Roger presents us with a profoundly unusual data set.  He shows a very slow regular Delta wave in all leads at 0.9 to 1.1 Hz.  At first, this was thought to be an artifact. We checked to see if it was synchronous with heartbeat, rhythmic body or tongue movement and could find no explanation. Since the same amplifier and computer, as well as lab conditions, prevailed in L.R.’s data (the subject being worked on by Roger), we must assume that it was not in the mechanics of data collection.  The slow wave shows slight irregularities in frequency and form characteristic of a biologic signal rather than an artifact.

It therefore must represent some deep-seated electrical or electromagnetic wave form that is generated around or within the healer.’ … ‘I have no explanation for the very low frequency, 0.9 to 1.5 Hz, activity in the healer. It corresponds to the geomagnetic frequency of the moon, but not to any biological signal in the brain that I have ever seen.’

Edgar S. Wilson MD
November 28, 1989


‘A bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that brings roses.’

Andy ‘Ann D’ Ewton

January 23, 2003

Mr. Roger LaBorde

Alamosa, CO 81101

Dear Roger:

This letter has been too long coming to you, due to my relocation to Washington State and simply living my life, in the meantime. Additionally, I have not talked about Merle very much until the last year or so. Everything is just so personal, however, I am now able to share his ‘light’ with the rest of the world. As you know, he was the light of my life and I will never stop missing him.

Below is the information I would like to see posted on your website:

My husband, Merle had a cranial resection in March 1993 and (unbeknownst to us, he was suffering terminalsphenoid/ethmoid cancer) in his expected manner, he remained the most positive person I have known in this lifetime. Yet, a certain peace (within) was missing from his life. Pain management was paramount and necessary, however, was unwanted in the form of narcotics, as it clouded his thinking. Roger walked into our lives in early 1993, at the behest of our daughters’ in-laws, much like a white knight arriving on a great, white steed, wearing jeans and a bright smile. Roger & Merle spent much time, privately, in meditation, and gradually, Merles pain was lessened, even though medication was still required, albeit not as often.

I admit my skepticism at the outset, as what Roger does defies everything I grew up believing. If memory serves correctly, Roger was with us a week or ten days, the first visit. Initially, Merle was reserved, but trusted in the wisdom Roger imparted and rapidly grew more comfortable with his presence and his ministrations. He was able to trust his feelings to Roger and his laughter echoed through our home, once again. We sat on the porch, drinking scotch and watching the rain on many evenings, while we swapped stories; allowing our attachment to Roger to deepen and grow.

Rogers’ visit improved Merle’s mental attitude to the point he attended his 47th annual high school reunion in Canyon, TX that summer, with no hair, having been shaven for his surgery; and his scars, red and angry. Merle was less embarrassed than his classmates, as he was just so grateful to be alive. Many classmates walked away in tears, as did Coach Buff Morris, who was to follow Merle in death in December 1995.

Merle had been one of Coach Morris’ ‘star’ athletes all through high school and was highly instrumental in persuading Merle to attend dental school after four years in the Navy.

We sold our dental practice in May 1993 and as soon as health permitted, left for a four month trip to the Northwest and Canada, playing golf, as often as energy allowed. It was the greatest trip we ever experienced other than our honeymoon, many years earlier.

Merle kept in touch with Roger and was always cheered after any conversation with him. I believe the remaining two years of Merles’ life were impacted by Rogers’ willingness to be available, attentive and loving, anytime he was needed. He was to visit us, yet again, upon the return from our trip and as usual, Merle seemed to improve before our eyes.

In March 1995, we were informed that the cancer had recurred and there was nothing to be done. Within a few days and very surprisingly, our doorbell rang and there stood Roger, wearing jeans and that same glorious smile! He had trekked to Texas from Colorado, simply because he felt the energy pull; as if some cosmic force had told him that Merle needed him, one final time. Merle was so happy to see him and they spent many hours contemplating the many mysteries of life and death.

Of course, we were devastated, however, Merle set about arranging his own memorial service, as the outcome was inevitable. His respect and love of family would not allow him to let one of us go through the emotional torment of arranging the events following his death.

Just two weeks before he died, we were watching Anne Murray sing ‘Could I Have This Dance’ on television; he rose from his chair and asked me to dance. We cried; we laughed, we danced, we held each other, we loved each other…

Then August 2, 1995, Merle danced, quietly, with acceptance, from this life into a dimension beyond our understanding, all the while telling the children and me how much he loved us and encouraged us to get on with our lives. His thoughts were lucid, until he slipped into a coma for the last five hours. He has been gone in body for a long time now, but his spirit is vivid in each of us and he lives in our hearts and minds; and in the hearts and minds of everyone who was lucky enough to know him.

Roger did not bring him from the brink of death to life (We never expected that…), however, he was largely responsible for the remaining two years of Merles’ life being lived fully and happily and we are eternally grateful to him! Bless you, Roger!


Andy Ewton


Aki’s Story

My father-in-law was diagnosed in May, 2001 with a malignant brain tumor called a glioblastoma which is particularly aggressive and always fatal. In the space of what seemed like weeks, Aki went from a cantankerous, no-nonsense, independent spirit to a comatose, non-responsive shell of a person following unsuccessful brain surgery. It was devastating to the family and particularly for my husband who blamed himself for the decision to undergo the experimental surgery. In reality, Aki had decided for himself that he was willing to take the chance with the tumor specialists at UCLA.

I was desperate to help my husband deal with the guilt and the difficulty he had in expressing his emotions for his father. I knew that we would lose him soon and I wanted my husband to have some level of emotional connection with his father before it was too late.

Then I learned about Roger through a friend whose family had been helped by Roger’s healing. I asked Roger to help us, but didn’t really know what to expect. When he said that healing is sometimes not about the person who is sick, but for those who love them, I knew it was right to bring Roger to us.

The time Roger spent with my family was the only time Aki responded and seemed to come out of his coma. Prior to Roger’s visit, there were only very weak responses and only to the grandchildren, especially the youngest ones. Roger explained that the kids came to Aki with an open heart. When Roger introduced himself to Aki, it was not as a stranger, but the look in Aki’s eyes was as if he was greeting a long-lost friend. In the days Roger was with us, we all had the precious gift of actually being with my father-in-law. It was as if Aki summoned the last of his life force during that time to reassure us that he was O.K. with passing on to the freedom and respite death offered.

When Roger left, Aki lapsed back into the coma and shortly afterwards passed away. It’s been six months since his death and I continue to ponder how Roger touched our lives. My eyes have been opened to new possibilities for spiritual and personal growth and Roger’s words and examples are encouragement to follow the path that is meant for me.

Diane Tasaka Hamachi

Torrance, California 2001



In 2002 , my 15 year old son Josh was struck by a car going 45 mph and sustained a multitude of serious injuries, the worst being a severe traumatic brain injury.

When I arrived at the hospital, I was greeted by the chaplain who didn’t say much, but just sat with me. After what seemed like an eternity, the doctors finally informed me of the severity of Josh’s injuries. He suffered what is known as a ‘Brain Shearing’, which in the world of traumatic brain injuries, is the worst kind. The prognosis was grim. No one actually came out and told me and I tried not to let my mind to go there, but I knew the chance of survival was slim. That night in the ICU was a blur of nurses and doctors trying to stabilize him.

The next few days in the ICU were rocky, but they were finally able to stabilize him. Josh at this point was in a coma and was non-responsive to any type of stimulus. In addition to the brain injury he suffered a broken leg, collapsed lung, broken collarbone and a multitude of other injuries. It was actually easier to list the things on his body that were not injured than to list the ones that were.

Within the first few days, while in the ICU, I contacted an acquaintance of mine who put me in contact with, who she referred to as a ‘healer’…Roger La Borde. I called him that night. He drove down the next day. Immediately, when I met him, it felt as if an angel had entered the room. There was a calmness and kindness about him. His presence itself was comforting. Over the next 6 months the Dr’s and nurses would continue to tell me that Josh’s prognosis was grim and that he would most likely never recover. Roger never let me succumb to their negativity.

I told the nurses in the ICU that Roger was to be given full access to Josh, and Roger started working with him that very day. I know it sounds crazy, but my family and I could notice a difference in Josh even after the first day that Roger visited him. Because Josh was in a coma and non-responsive, it was difficult at this point to actually “see” any type of improvement but, we could feel it. My cousin put it best, it was like the “life light”, or “life force” came back into Josh. It seemed that for awhile, Josh’s body was there but his ‘presence’ wasn’t but that soon changed. We spent one month in the ICU, and Roger came and worked with Josh on and off during that time. Josh slowly but steadily improved and began responding to stimulus like pain, sound, etc. but was still in a comatose state.

After a month in the ICU, Josh was moved to Children’s Hospital. We spent 2 months there, and again Roger worked with Josh on and off during that time, and again, Josh slowly but steadily improved. It was during this time at Children’s Hospital that Josh slowly began to emerge from his coma. It was here that he began to ‘wake up’. Although he was still not talking, I began to notice that every time Roger worked with Josh, he made some sort of progress within a short period of time. After every visit with Roger, Josh seemed to ‘lighten up’.

Two months passed and Josh was then moved to Craig hospital. He was still not talking, but he could now eat on his own, take steps with assistance, and follow basic commands. It was here where Josh began to make more rapid progress over the next 2 months, and it was evident, that every time Roger worked with Josh, he made substantial progress within days. The most memorable was one evening after Roger had worked with Josh during that day, Josh began to talk. I remember calling Roger from the patio, asking him what he did that day, and informing him that Josh was now talking.

Over the next 4 years, Josh has continued to recover and is back 100%. He graduated from High School on schedule, and is now living at home, attending Red Rocks community college and enjoying life in a new and profound way.

We can never even begin to thank you Roger, for all your help, love and support. I truly believe that you contributed more than we will ever know to Josh’s recovery but even more than that, you gave me the hope, comfort and strength to carry on and have faith during a time when I needed it most.

We will always be eternally grateful!

With love and our eternal gratitude,

Aileen, Josh & Connor Rumsey

Denver, CO  2006



TESTIMONIAL for the work of Shaman Roger La Borde by Caroline Blakemore—


In September 2009, I came across Roger La Borde’s name on the internet through a series of synchronistic events instigated by close friends. After studying his website I emailed Shaman Roger to see if he did phone consultations. I was pleased at how fast he responded. We emailed back and forth until it was decided that he would come to my home, as he had a number of friends near me that he wanted to visit, several of whom he had helped heal in various ways.


Upon opening my door to greet him, I felt a ray of sunshine, and it seemed like we’d known each other for decades. People ask me, “what did he do?” Outwardly, nothing but engage in meaningful conversation. My husband and I listened to his intriguing stories about people who have experienced healing and about others who did not heal, and why they didn’t.



A more revealing question might be, “what did we do?” Obviously, this is not about something that is done to someone. It’s an inner co-agreement to work together as co-creators on a lighted healing path. But beyond that, the process is a mystery – an act of Grace.


The night before Roger visited our home, I felt some kind of shift beginning to occur. “What do you mean by shift?” you might ask. Well, for one, I had been having underlying anxiety about the rare hairy cell leukemia since it was diagnosed over five years. Two years ago I underwent chemo, but it only made my condition worse, and I was wondering with much trepidation where my condition was heading.


So even the night before Shaman Roger arrived, I began feeling a calmness that I hadn’t felt in a long time. As the hours he spent with us passed, I began feeling a new sense of joy and stamina, an inner knowing that I was part of the unseen inner world of power and possibility. I knew I would get through this illness. I could just feel it.


Shaman Roger told me to say “yes” to everything and stay in the “now” which for me means finding the Divine in the details of everyday life. This has been my chief practice, and it’s transformative.


A couple months later when I went to learn my blood test results, I told my husband, “I don’t care what this test says, I know I’m better.” When I glanced at the test results, I was overwhelmed. For the first time in all those years, the test was normal!


But the story doesn’t end here. It’s not like it’s back to business as usual. In fact, I have to be extra vigilant to continue on my path of awakening to the interconnections of all life. I had put so much energy into the process of seeking various healing treatments, that when I experienced this major healing, for a while there was kind of a void. Now what! I realized I was attached to the seeking. Once I saw this, I let go and new doors began to open, and my horizons have broadened.


I’m so grateful that Shaman Roger helped me “facilitate” a healing that resulted in finding my Spiritual Home within. I leave it to a true mystic, Mary Oliver, a poet, to give some sense of the journey I’ve been on.


The Journey


One day you finally knew

what you had to do, and began,


though the voices around you


kept shouting


their bad advice —


though the whole house


began to tremble


and you felt the old tug


at your ankles.


“Mend my life!”


each voice cried.


But you didn’t stop.


You knew what you had to do,


though the wind pried


with its stiff fingers


at the very foundations,


though their melancholy


was terrible.


It was already late


enough, and a wild night,


and the road full of fallen



branches and stones.


But little by little,


as you left their voices behind,


the stars began to burn


through the sheets of clouds,


and there was a new voice


which you slowly


recognized as your own,


that kept you company


as you strode deeper and deeper


into the world,


determined to do


the only thing you could do —


determined to save


the only life you could save.


~ Mary Oliver ~



Caroline Blakemore 2010